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Q. I have tried many of the other online aviation job listing services and have yet to find employment. What makes FlightLevelJobs.com different and will I finally get an interview and ultimately get hired?
A. Well, we can’t guarantee employment but we do guarantee that we are different and we have helped more people in the aviation industry find employment that any other service on the World Wide Web. We have over 28,000+ registered aviation jobseekers and that number says it all. If you start by looking at the other services and ask yourself why did you not find work? We think the first thing you will notice is that the vast majority of their employment listings are for international positions. In some cases we see that over 90% are international offerings and only 10% or less are for domestic positions. That would be fine if you were searching out for an international opening. The fact is the vast majority of aviation jobseekers live in North America and are NOT looking for an overseas position. At FlightLevelJobs.com, our business model is to work for aviation jobseekers and help find them employment mostly in North America. At FlightLevelJobs.com we have turned that ratio around. Over 90% of our listings are North American domestic openings with fewer than 10% overseas offerings. Since our inception in 2007, we have quickly become the number one online aviation job listing service on the entire WORLD WIDE WEB! If you are serious about finding aviation employment we are serious about helping you make that a reality.
Q. What is included in my full membership?
A. Full Jobseeker membership includes unlimited jobseeker access to all posted jobs. In addition, jobseekers can upload their resumes or create one online, build an online cover letter, search our employer data base, email your resume to employers, setup automatic email alerts when job opportunities present themselves, upload photos, keep track of jobs you applied for, and use our one click “APPLY FOR THIS JOB” button when enabled by a posting employer.
Q. Where do job postings come from?
A. Many job postings are posted directly from employers and/or their affiliates. Some postings are from recruiters and/or employment agencies acting directly or indirectly for the employers. Additionally, the staff here at FlightLeveljobs.com works extremely hard to find as many employment opportunities as possible to maximize job opportunities for our members.
Q. How secure is your billing system and my credit card details?
A. All credit card billing transactions are handled through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and use of a secure payment gateway which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure secure, fast and reliable transactions. Credit card details are NOT stored on FlightLevelJobs.com in house computer(s) or hosting server(s).
Q. Who can see my resume and can I block it from employers?
A. Employers can see and view your resume unless you optionally turn on a block feature that will prevent employers from seeing your resume.
Q. How do I apply for jobs?
A. There are three ways to apply for jobs listed at FlightLevelJobs.com depending on how the employer sets up the posting. The first way and the quickest way, is through our one click “apply” feature. The second way is linked to an external employer website and the final way is by following specific instructions that the employer has listed with the posting.
Q. How long are job posting valid for?
A. Job posting are valid generally for 30 days. After 30 days they are deleted unless they are re-listed. Please note that positions may still be listed but may have closed and not have been deleted by employers. We have no control over this.
Q. Are full memberships refundable?
A. Please see and read our “Terms of Service” for complete details.
Q. When I apply for a job do I get any kind of confirmation number from FlightLevelJobs.com?
A. No. You may get a confirmation number or get an email directly from the employer.
Q. I tried to register as a jobseeker but it says my email address is already in use?
A. This occurs because you most likely previously registered some time ago and your original registration details are still on file with us. If this occurs, please login as a jobseeker with your original email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, please email us and we will reset it for you.
Q. I need to communicate with someone at FlightLevelJobs.com concerning my membership/question(s)/suggestion?
A. Please write to us via email and a representative will respond to your questions/concerns.
Q. How do I cancel my membership?
A. Please see the “Terms of Service Agreement" for complete details. Our membership address is: FlightLevelJobs.com, Membership Department, P.O. Box 2616, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688.
Q. Do employers have to pay to list open positions?
A. NO. Employer listings are completely free. There are not hidden charges or fees of any kind.
Q. Do I have purchase a membership to use your professional resume writing service?
A. NO. You do not have to purchase a membership to use our professional resume writing service. You will need to complete a jobseeker registration though.
Q. Can I Contact Customer Support by Phone?
A. To be able to provide you an affordable experience, we try to avoid costly overheads such as expensive call centers. Therefore, our support is via email so do not hesitate to write us with your questions and/or comments. You can click on the "Contact Us" tab on our home page or write us at admin@FlightLevelJobs.com.

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